FTP Webservice for C# and Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)

An FTP webservice allows you to easily add FTP functionality to any web application that supports AJAX. So, if you want to have a web page, that you need to offer more than the simple browse/upload HTTP upload functionality, or that you need to upload files to an FTP server which is not on the same host as that serving the website, then this is for you.

Furthermore, it offers an easy way to add FTP compatibility to mobile Apps, so that you don't need to re-invent the whole FTP-stack if you're developing an App for the Iphone, Blackberry, Android or Palm OS.
  • Upload & Download
  • Read remote file & folder listings over FTP
  • Delete remote files and folders over FTP
  • Rename remote files over FTP
  • Create folders on a remote FTP server

ASMX URL: http://www.ftpclient.co.uk/webservice/ftpwebservice.asmx

Download webservice project (22K)

Note: This installation requires the .NET Runtime
you will also need access to an FTP server, and a windows server to install this on.


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